All you need to know before going for dental crowns

All you need to know before going for dental crowns

Apr 01, 2021

What is a dental crown?

A dental crown as the name suggests is a cap that is placed over the tooth. The tooth shaped cap is place to improve or restore the shape of the tooth, its size, and cover any damages in appearance that exist. The crown is applied on top of the teeth by being bound together with the teeth to encase the part of the teeth that is to be covered or corrected crowing the teeth from the gum line above.

Why would you need dental crowns?

There are various situations when your dentist would recommend dental crowns. These situations include when there is need to protect weak teeth that have decayed from breaking. The crowns hold the teeth together and prevent the disintegration of the teeth especially when they have fault lines such as cracks or areas of weakness. The crowns can also restore a teeth that has already been broken and restore the shape, size, and appearance of the teeth.

In case you have a tooth that has a large filing, then you will definitely need some form of support and cover for the tooth so that it does not suffer further damage. The crowns offer the support that is required for the teeth to maintain its firmness in place. The crowns also play an important role in holding dental bridge in place.

For people who have bad teeth with the wrong shape and coloration, the crown can cover those defects. The teeth can regain their aesthetic value with a cover of the crown from the gum line above. The crowns also cover dental implants and are often used to make essential cosmetic modification to improve various aspects of the appearance of the teeth.

The crowns can also be employed in the protection of teeth of children that are exposed to high-risk levels of tooth decay. Children who have difficulty maintaining the regular expected dental hygiene practices can have their teeth protected through the crowns.

Steps in installing teeth crown

When you go for the crown, you should expect at least two visits to the dentist office. The first step of the visits include as expected an examination of the teeth that is to be crowned. For the crown to perfectly fit, it is necessary that a pre-examination of the teeth is done for the right and fitting crown to be made. The impressions of the teeth are taken during the first visit. These impressions are sent to the lab for the development of the crown that will be installed on the teeth. The second visit to the dentist will involve the installation of the crown on the teeth. The crowns will be ready after some period depending on the type of crown that is to be put and the ready crowns will be fitted for the corrective measure that they are intended for.

Care for crowns

Once the crowns have been installed, it is important that quality care is taken. This will be your responsibility. Firstly, there are temporary crowns that are put on your teeth as you await the permanent crowns to be installed. With these crowns you should avoid eating chewy and sticky foods because the temporary crowns are loosely attached. The side that has the crown should be put to minimal use and hard foods should be avoided at all cost. Extensive care should be taken when cleaning your teeth to ensure that the crowns are not dislodged. Once you have the permanent crowns installed, dental hygiene is paramount. In addition, you should always ensure that you go for the checkups as required by the dentist should be observed.

Where to get your crowns

The quality of the installation especially for aesthetic purposes relies on the professional skills. You can get same-day crowns at the dental clinic Vernon. From general dentistry, you can get services ranging from crowns to help you’re your tooth brides, crowns on front teeth and other types of crowns that you may want from dentist v1t 5j4. The dental clinic Vernon hosts the right professionals for same-day crown installation, crowns on front teeth, crowns to correct tooth bridges, and any other need that you may want with respect to the care of dental bridges.

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