Foods to Refrain from Having after Undergoing Root Canal Therapy

Foods to Refrain from Having after Undergoing Root Canal Therapy

May 01, 2022

Have you received a recommendation to undergo root canal therapy to eradicate infections in your tooth? Root canals are performed by Endodontists, specialists in treating an extensively decayed tooth where the condition has affected the soft center of the tooth with connective tissue, nerves, and blood vessels.

Root canals are recommended by Endodontists when you visit them with symptoms like severe pain in a specific tooth, sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures, and intermittent severe pain that stops and starts suddenly. The signs you report indicate you have deep tooth decay best treated by removing the infection inside the tooth.

You might worry about the thought of receiving endodontic treatment and wonder what to expect during your recovery. However, your recovery after receiving root canal treatment doesn’t impose upon you much discomfort than a tooth extraction. If you refuse root canal treatment, fearing the surgery and your recovery, the only alternative available is to extract the tooth and seek replacements. However, you must prepare for therapy ahead of time by stocking up on foods to keep yourself nourished after a painful surgical process.

What Must You Endure During Root Canal Therapy?

Root canals have a fearsome reputation primarily because of the myths spread about the treatment. In reality, the procedure is straightforward and is similar to getting a tooth filled.

After scheduling your root canal therapy, you arrive for your appointment and receive anesthesia in your mouth near the affected tooth. If you are overly anxious about root canals, you can request potent anesthesia or sedation to help you remain calm during your procedure.

After your tooth is entirely numb, the dentist drills the tooth to expose the infected and inflamed dental pulp. After that, using sophisticated dental instruments, the dentist removes the dental pulp and cleans the canals to eradicate the tooth infection. Finally, they disinfect the canals and seal them with a rubber-like biocompatible material, gutta-percha. They also provide a temporary filling to close the access hole created while beginning the procedure.

The endodontic specialist provides after-care instructions to care for your treated tooth with information to have it restored soon after your recovery with a dental crown to strengthen the tooth and protect it from breakage.

Food Guidelines after Root Canal Therapy

The anesthesia you receive during the procedure requires a couple of hours to wear off, and the specialist recommends you refrain from having scorching liquids and chewing food until your mouth no longer experiences numbness. Chewing with a numb mouth makes you susceptible to have soft tissue injuries sending you rushing to the emergency dentist Vernon, BC, to receive treatments.

You must avoid sticky foods such as jellybeans and gum after undergoing endodontic therapy. These foods can loosen the temporary filling in the treated tooth. In the days following your treatment, you find scorching foods irritating. Therefore you must refrain from having the foods mentioned to safeguard your oral health. Whenever having any foods, you must favour the opposite side of your mouth from the treated tooth.

Some food categories are best avoided after root canal treatment because they aggravate the sensitivity of experience and might compromise your temporary filling. For example, the endodontic specialist recommends avoiding scorching or freezing foods and beverages that irritate sensitive teeth. In addition, chewy foods like steak, crusty bread, nuts, crunchy foods like pretzels and tortilla chips, and sticky foods like gum, caramel and candy are better avoided until you recover.

You can incorporate your regular foods into your diet after you have the treated tooth restored with a dental crown. However, if you notice tenderness when having specific foods even after getting the tooth fixed, stop eating it for some time or try another day again.

Foods to Eat after Root Canal Therapy

Undergoing root canal therapy doesn’t indicate you must continue fasting without having nourishing foods. Although you must avoid the foods mentioned above, you can keep yourself nourished with dairy, fruits and vegetables, proteins, and grains. It is why preparing early for endodontic therapy is suggested by the specialists to ensure your pantry is fully stocked with items that help keep yourself nourished. After undergoing root canal treatment to eradicate a severe tooth infection and getting the tooth restored with a dental crown refraining from having some of your favourite foods is worth it because it helps prevent unnecessary complications after a surgical procedure.

If Ryan K Dentistry recommends root canal treatment for you, rest assured the professionals provide instructions on preparing for the treatment and the after-care and recover from the procedure without confronting complications.

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