How Long Do Veneers Take for Placement?

How Long Do Veneers Take for Placement?

Apr 01, 2023

If you, like many others, have an imperfect smile (similar to celebrities who get help from cosmetic dentistry), consider a similar option to seek dental veneers from a cosmetic dentistry practice near you.

Dental veneers are incredibly popular because they offer a straightforward solution to your smile problems. You may have dental flaws like chipped or cracked teeth, misshapen and uneven teeth, or teeth severely stained and unresponsive to teeth whitening Vernon. In such circumstances, the optimal option is to cover the affected teeth using veneers by receiving a smile makeover and requesting no prep veneers from the dentist at the aesthetic dentistry office.

We recommend no prep veneers because they are a new version of surfaces custom created from dental porcelain. If you prefer traditional veneers, your dentist must remove extensive tooth structure past the dentin on the front surface of the tooth affected by dental flaws that need covering. The tooth structure removal ensures the veneers fit your teeth and don’t appear artificially bulky. However, when you select the no prep version, tooth structure removal isn’t required ensuring its strength remains intact, making it less sensitive to temperatures.

How to Proceed Getting No Prep Veneers?

If you intend to get no prep veneers in Vernon, you must schedule a consultation with dental veneers in Vernon to get them to examine your teeth and determine which teeth are most visible when you smile to benefit from these placements. Therefore the dentist will assess the condition of your teeth and the flaws affecting them to suggest the precise number of arrangements you need to ensure you have a symmetrical smile.

Veneers are excellent for covering minor dental flaws with your teeth that affect your smile. Besides the defects mentioned earlier, surfaces also help cover problems with diastema in your front teeth if the gaps are minor. However, if you have significant gaps, you might need treatment from an orthodontist near me to correct the situation before you get dental veneers on your teeth.

When working with the dental office near me to get your veneers, you can expect the dentist from the practice to work with you to help pick the color of the shells to ensure they match your neighboring teeth and don’t stand out like a sore thumb. If you think your natural teeth aren’t similarly colored, you can consider teeth whitening Vernon to give them a brighter shade and request the dentist to customize the surfaces to match your teeth.

The Temporary Veneer Process

When you discuss dental veneers in Vernon and consider having them, the dentist will make molds of your teeth that need the masks to give you a temporary version to wear while you wait for the dental laboratory to custom-create your surfaces. If you are comfortable with the temporary shells, the dental lab will proceed to customize your permanent shells. However, the dental lab requires 3 to 4 weeks for the customization before they send your custom-fit veneers to your dentist.

Veneer Placement

You must revisit the dental office near you for veneer placement after the dental lab returns them. During the second appointment, the dentist starts the process by removing the temporary replacements and cleaning the targeted teeth to ensure no dental plaque or bacteria remains trapped beneath the no-prep shells. Finally, the dentist applies special dental cement to your teeth before attaching the permanent surfaces to them and curing the adhesive with ultraviolet light. You can start flashing your new smile in the dentist’s office as you leave them showing off your teeth without dental flaws affecting them.

Caring for Your Smile

Caring for your smile becomes incredibly important after investing in dental veneers. However, although you may have a beautiful smile, it doesn’t indicate you can neglect regular dental hygiene practices of brushing your teeth twice daily, flossing once, and getting regular checkups from your dentist to ensure you don’t develop complications beneath the veneers because dental plaque can affect your natural teeth to make the veneered susceptible to infections.

Besides the above, your dental veneers also need attention because you cannot consider biting hard foods with your front teeth or indulge in detrimental mouth-related habits like biting fingernails or ice or using your teeth as tools for purposes other than eating. If you care for your natural teeth and the surfaces on them, you can rest assured the no-prep veneers will stay on your teeth for a decade or more and help you enjoy a beautiful smile.

Ryan K Dentistry provides an excellent remedy to cover defective teeth with no prep veneers, which can receive in three to four weeks. Consult them today to protect your dental flaws and have customized shells over your teeth to enjoy your new smile.

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