Why Is an Orthodontist Definitely - The Right Person for Orthodontic Treatment?

Why Is an Orthodontist Definitely - The Right Person for Orthodontic Treatment?

Dec 01, 2022

A lot of people think orthodontists are just regular dentists. An orthodontist is a highly skilled dentist trained to perform all dental procedures done by regular dentists. However, they are specialized in diagnosing and treating complex dental procedures efficiently. In short, an orthodontist is a dentist who specialized in providing orthodontic treatment. This article will explain why an orthodontist is the right person for performing orthodontic treatments.

Who Is an Orthodontist, and What Do They Do?

An orthodontist is a dentist who has undergone additional training to provide orthodontic treatment efficiently. An orthodontist in Vernon, BC, is highly skilled at diagnosing and treating various dental problems specifically concerned with the jaw and teeth.

Even though regular dentists offer the same treatment, orthodontists are better at it since they have to undergo additional postgraduate training to become specialists. Orthodontists usually handle both simple and complex orthodontic problems while regular dentists only treat the simplest cases.

When Is the Best Time to See an Orthodontist?

Prevention is better than cure, which is what orthodontics is all about. If you are a parent, it’s best to start taking your child to an orthodontist as early as possible. The American Association of Orthodontists recommends children younger than eight years be taken to an orthodontist for regular dental exams to avoid future dental problems.

Adults and teens can also benefit from regular orthodontic visits. So don’t shy away from getting the dental care you deserve just because you are older. Visit our dental clinic in Vernon for treatment of jaw deformities and speech and bite-related problems.

Why You Should See an Orthodontist

Prevent Future Dental Problems

Although orthodontists offer treatment to all patients, irrespective of age, children stand to benefit more. An orthodontist can evaluate how a child’s teeth are developing. During a dental exam, orthodontists will use advanced dental equipment to look for any signs of deformities in developing teeth and identify issues that may need to be corrected in the future. This is essential in practicing preventive dentistry as it can make it easier for cosmetic problems, such as overcrowding of teeth, to be diagnosed and prevented early.

For example, bite-related issues such as an overbite and underbite are best dealt with when diagnosed early, when the patient is still young. Your child’s orthodontist can note if your child will need to undergo corrective treatment and plan how to provide the best treatment, so they don’t suffer from bite issues in the future.

Treat Bite Related Issues

Children start growing adult teeth when they reach the age of 6. If you take your child to a Vernon orthodontist during this period, they can diagnose any of your child’s bite problems and plan for treatment early. This will make the treatment more effective and easier to perform. Adults also stand to benefit. We can use a range of dental prostheses, from braces to Invisalign aligners, to align your teeth properly and improve the appearance and functionality of your teeth.

Smile Enhancement

It’s never too late to fix your cosmetic problems. But unfortunately, a lot of people past 40 with wide tooth gaps and overcrowded teeth live with their dental imperfections after assuming there are no treatment options for their dental problems. Thanks to the additional training, experience, and equipment we have at our dental clinic, we can perform any cosmetic dentistry in Vernon efficiently so all our patients can have attractive smiles.

Correct Jaw Deformities

Jaw deformities, such as the upper or lower jaw being longer or shorter than the other, is not uncommon. In addition, patients with deformed jaws can suffer from malocclusions and have facial asymmetry. Although the treatment we’ll provide may vary depending on the severity of the patient’s imperfections, most cases we’ve handled so far involved using braces, surgery, and sometimes both.

Improve Speech

Is your child finding it hard to talk? The problem may not be psychological since some oral problems can make it harder for children to speak or pronounce words correctly. For example, your child may have issues pronouncing certain words due to having a misaligned jaw or teeth. Taking your child to our dental clinic will allow us to determine if there are dental problems that are affecting your child’s speech so we can choose the best treatment.


An orthodontist is significantly better than a regular dentist, especially at handling severe dental issues related to the jawbone and teeth. In addition, all patients can benefit from orthodontic treatment irrespective of age. So why not get a dental exam when taking your child for regular dental checkups? Visit Ryan K Dentistry today for the best dental care services in Vernon. We have a variety of treatment options suitable for both children and adults.

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