Children's Dentistry in Vernon

Ryan K Dentistry is your neighborhood children’s dentist and strives to be your go-to kid’s dental office. We welcome kids of all ages to our dental center. Our dentists prioritize building a quality relationship with your kids to help them feel more comfortable about their oral health. Ensuring your kids have a good experience will be crucial in making sure they understand the importance of practicing good dental care.

Sedation for children

Dental sedation helps your kid relax and calms their anxiety during a dental procedure. It is important to make sure your kids are comfortable and have a pleasant experience.


If your kid has sensitive teeth, it can easily be treated with a sealant for sensitive teeth. Dental sealant for kids is perfectly safe and is a great way of protecting their teeth against cavities.

Space maintainers

Dental spacers are important in preventing teeth from shifting into the space left by a missing baby tooth. It is often used when baby teeth are prematurely lost and is crucial as it gives the permanent tooth enough room to grow.

Thumb-sucking appliance

Thumb-sucking appliances are made of metal and are attached to the roof of your kid’s mouth. It is an effective method of preventing your kid from sucking their thumbs as it blocks the roof of their mouths, making it uncomfortable for them when they do. Your kid will eventually stop sucking their thumbs altogether, and the appliance will be removed once the habit has been kicked.

Arch expanders

Arch expanders are commonly used to widen the roof of your kid’s palate (roof of their mouth). It is often used before your kid gets a procedure like braces done as it helps create additional separation and space for the permanent teeth to come in. It is highly effective in kids as their palates tend to be more flexible and are not fully fused.

Interceptive orthodontics

We offer a wide range of interceptive orthodontics that have proven to be a great way of preventing malocclusion (crooked teeth). Early intervention will be beneficial in helping your kid get a better smile.

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