Dental Implants in Vernon

Whether you’re looking for dental implants near you to restore the appearance of your smile or to improve its functionality and health, Dr. Kilistoff can provide the solution that yields all of these benefits! As one of the leading multi-specialty dentists near you, our expert staff can design a tooth replacement treatment plan that includes beauty, functionality, and health!

Dental Implants from Ryan K Dentistry

We’ve already helped countless patients in Vernon achieve the smiles of their dreams through the many cosmetic and restorative dental procedures we provide in our friendly and professional office, and we’d love to provide you with those same results.

When you visit Dr. Kilistoff for a dental implant consultation, we’ll spend time with you to make sure that every question you have is answered. Since most dental implant procedures can take several months of treatment time, Dr. Kilistoff will also be able to supply you with a treatment plan so you’ll be able to budget your time between procedures.

And if you want to learn more about options for tooth replacement in Vernon in addition to or instead of dental implants, Dr. Kilistoff will be happy to spend time discussing dental bridges and other options with you as well since these procedures require less time (often as few as two appointments) versus the multiple month treatment time required with dental implants near you.

Gentle Dentistry in Vernon is One Appointment Away

Some people avoid receiving dental implants as a tooth replacement because they’re concerned about the invasiveness of the procedure. We want to assure you that our over-arching goal at Ryan K Dentistry is to provide gentle dental care to every patient – whether they visit us for a dental implant or any of the other cosmetic, general, and family dental procedures we provide.

If you want to take the first step to learn more about tooth replacement in Vernon and the options that are available to you concerning dental implants, dental bridges, and more, we invite you to make an appointment now using our convenient online booking tool.

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