Emergency Dentistry in Vernon

Dental emergencies are impossible to predict, and it would be unreasonable for us at Ryan K Dentistry in Vernon to expect patients to schedule their visits beforehand. If you’re looking for emergency dentistry near you, give us a call, and we’ll do our best to see you straight away.

We’re here to help and take care of you during your dental emergency.

First Aid Until We See You

People can fall or receive trauma to their faces at home or work and sometimes a neglected dental problem can lead to significant bleeding from the mouth. A dental abscess that formed during sleep will also need to be seen immediately.

It can take a few minutes for patients to get to us, so we have some advice for you to follow. A loose tooth should be left in its socket. You can bite on gauze or cotton to keep it from falling. A knocked-out tooth should be stored in a clean container covered with saliva or milk. If the problem is that you’re bleeding, compress the area that looks to be the source of blood.

Dental Options

At Ryan K Dentistry, we’ve been able to restore loose and knocked-out teeth before. We also have tools and methods to control bleeding and promote coagulation. A dental abscess will most likely need to be drained, and we’ll prescribe antibiotics for you to take.

In cases where we can’t salvage the tooth, we offer restorative options like implants, bridges, and crowns. We’ll do all we can to preserve your natural teeth and your overall dental health.

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