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The foundation of your oral health boils down to two basics: regular exams and cleanings from a dentist near you in Vernon like the team here at Ryan K Dentistry. Our team is equipped to provide gentle yet thorough treatment in cosmetic, restorative, family dentistry, as well as superior preventive dental care such as exams and cleanings near you.

Whether you’re new in town and trying to find a new dentist that can treat your current dental conditions as well as your future ones, or you’re just looking for a new local dental practice to call your dental home, you’ll find what you’re looking for and more at Ryan K Dentistry.

Our Dentist Performs Gentle Exams with Advanced Imaging Equipment

No one likes to remember what it was like to visit the dentist in decades past since it typically involved old-school imaging equipment that was not only uncomfortable for patients but made it difficult for dentists to diagnose conditions during a patient’s regular dental exam. As a modern dentist in Vernon, we have modern imaging equipment and tools to provide gentle yet thorough dental exams so you can stay one step ahead of dental concerns such as gum disease, tooth sensitivity, tooth fractures, and more.

Also, as a part of every dental exam, our patients will automatically receive a visual cancer screening as a part of their appointment. Even if you’re a non-smoker, this screening is critical to your health since oral cancer can affect patients of all ages regardless of their smoking history. If you’re concerned about your oral health or the presence of oral cancer, make an appointment now using our convenient online booking tool to schedule an exam and cleaning in Vernon.

Modern Technology Guarantees Optimum Teeth Cleaning Too

In addition to our commitment to modern equipment and technology for dental exams, Ryan K Dentistry uses the latest technology and equipment during teeth cleaning as well. This commitment to superior dental care not only ensures that your teeth and gums receive the treatment they need, but it also ensures that your cleaning will be gentle and thorough. Even if you haven’t had your teeth cleaned in the past six months, Dr. Kilistoff and our dental care team can help you get your oral health back on track with our commitment to modern, gentle dentistry near you.

Book your appointment for an oral health exam and teeth cleaning with Ryan K Dentistry using our convenient online booking tool.

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