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People always like to tell stories from when they got teeth extracted. Dental extraction in Vernon isn’t as common as you might think. Wisdom teeth are extracted when they start to cause problems. We rarely need to extract other teeth. At Ryan K Dentistry in Vernon, most of the extractions we perform are wisdom teeth extractions.

Wisdom teeth are accessory teeth that can grow and cause problems in some people. Removing them is important to protect nearby teeth and has no impact on the person’s short or long term ability to chew and eat. If you think you might need it and are looking for extraction near you, visit us and we’ll examine you and tell you what we think.

Types of Extraction

There are two main ways through which we can extract teeth: simple and surgical. Simple extraction mainly involves pulling on the affected tooth to remove it. It’s the most common type and can be used to remove dead and infected teeth, in addition to non-impacted wisdom teeth.

Surgical extractions include making an incision in the gums to make it easier to remove the tooth. We often rely on surgical extraction to remove impacted teeth. Simple extractions can take about 15 to 60 minutes. Surgical extractions usually take longer and require a higher degree of anesthesia to ensure patient comfort.

Recovering from Dental Extraction

Recovery from extraction will depend on several factors. For example, patients who undergo simple extraction will have a shorter recovery than those who undergo surgical extraction. Following our instructions for a few days will ensure a smooth and quick recovery.

After the procedure, patients should firmly bite on the gauze we place to stop the bleeding and allow clot formation. To avoid disrupting the clot, patients should avoid smoking and any suction like using a straw. Hot foods and drinks should also be avoided for a certain period.

To minimize swelling, you can place ice on the jaw over the skin. You will be prescribed painkillers to keep you comfortable. We’ll give you additional instructions on how to brush your teeth and what you can eat during the visit.

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