Invisalign® in Vernon, BC

Along with looking unattractive, crooked teeth or bite misalignments can make it difficult for some people to speak clearly, chew their food enough to swallow, or cause many other issues. Even mild to moderate cases of teeth misalignments can cause:

  1. Headaches
  2. TMJ
  3. Tooth decay
  4. Gum disease
  5. Teeth damage

Fortunately, Dr. Ryan Kilistoff offers Invisalign® clear aligners at Ryan K Dentistry to correct these issues.

What are Aligners?

Clear aligners help teeth move into their proper positions so that they are straight or aligned. They do the same job as traditional braces, but aligners are more discreet than metal wires and brackets.

Instead, aligners come in sets where each new tray is slightly different. The aligner trays look like mouthguards, made with thin plastic material. Each successive tray moves the teeth a little closer to their ideal position. Our Invisalign dentist in Vernon, BC, will provide enough trays that you can switch to the next one in the sequence every two weeks.

Customized Correction

Our dentist near you will first take a digital impression of your teeth so that your dental aligners fit perfectly. Every treatment plan will be a little different, but patients will generally come in for a checkup every few weeks. After taking measurements of your teeth to see how they’re progressing, we’ll advise you to either start wearing the next aligner or repeat the last tray if your teeth are not where they’re expected. This process will continue over the next weeks or months until your teeth are where they should be, and you move on to wear retainers to keep your teeth in place.

Getting Invisalign near you allows Dr. Ryan Kilistoff to track your teeth’s progress much easier than using a set of aligners bought online. If you hear a slight whistle when you talk, have headaches, or sometimes choke on your food, you may have bite misalignments that Invisalign can correct. Please call Ryan K Dentistry to find out if these aligners are right for you.

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