Sedation Dentistry in Vernon

At Ryan K Dentistry in Vernon, we’re always working on ways to keep you and your family comfortable. We believe that to provide you with quality dental care and services, you need to be calm and comfortable. We’ve worked on making the atmosphere of our office as relaxing as possible.

Patients can still get anxious at the dentist. That’s why you might be looking for sedation dentistry near you. At Ryan K Dentistry, our dentist is trained in sedating patients and different sedation techniques. We have different types of sedation available and the choice is made based on each case.

Types of Sedation Dentistry

The available types of sedation dentistry are inhalation and oral. By inhaling a gas, patients can feel more relaxed and comfortable. The goal of the gas is to eliminate the anxiety, but patients will remain alert.

Oral anesthesia is given in the form of a pill. Patients will feel more comfortable after taking the pill but they will still be conscious and they’ll remember the events of their visit. If a patient is still anxious or irritable, we can attempt intravenous sedation.

Recovering from Sedation

Your recovery will depend on the type of sedation you received. Patients who receive inhalation or oral sedation will recover within a couple of hours. You might be able to drive yourself home but it’s not recommended.

To find out more about our sedation dentistry options and ask us any questions you might have, call us or visit our office.

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