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There are plenty of factors that can affect our smiles. Our teeth can suffer from different types of damage throughout our lifetimes. Perhaps most people experience staining. Staining can be due to cigarettes or drinks like sodas and coffee. Coffee and sodas contain chemicals called chromogens that stain teeth. It’s completely natural to look for a dentist near you if you want veneers in Vernon.

At Ryan K Dentistry in Vernon, we’ve been providing people with veneers for a long time. We can also explore other cosmetic options if we think you might benefit from them more than veneers.

What Are Veneers?

Veneers are very popular, but not everyone is familiar with them or how they work. Veneers are thin shells that we can attach to the front surfaces of your teeth to make them look better. They act like a screen that hides the underlying tooth and makes it look better.

At Ryan K Dentistry, we like to point out that veneers are not therapeutic. Their goal is solely to make teeth look better. Additionally, veneers are fragile, so you’ll need to be careful with what you eat and chew. Patients who get veneers need to brush their teeth to prevent cavities and dental infections. Brushing your teeth will also keep your veneers bright and clean. Veneers will stain over time, just like natural teeth.

Veneers vs. Crowns

We noticed that many people confuse veneers with crowns. As we mentioned earlier, veneers only cover the front surfaces of teeth and don’t provide any structural benefit or strength. A crown, on the other hand, will cover the entire tooth and strengthen it. Crowns are also great at making teeth look better. Veneers are still more popular.

Patients who need to cover multiple stained teeth for a better smile would be better off getting veneers. It would be more expensive and tiresome to apply dental crowns to all of your front teeth despite crowns lasting longer than veneers.

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