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Have you been told by a dentist that the health or appearance of your smile could be improved with the help of a dental crown, but you’re unsure what the procedure entails or how it really will help your smile in the long run? If so, we invite you to keep reading to learn why a dental crown near you may indeed be the answer to the strength and beauty of your smile.

Restorative Uses of a Dental Crown Near You

Dental crowns are one of the most popular forms of restorative dentistry used today. Although they are most commonly used in smaller smile makeovers, they can play an integral role in major mouth restorations as well. When you have a tooth that has a cavity that requires a filling that’s too large to fit within it, dentists recommend a dental crown near you as a way to keep the tooth functional. If a dental crown is not used, the tooth will continue to degrade in its integrity and eventually need to be extracted and replaced with a dental bridge or a dental implant.

Cosmetic Uses of a Dental Crown from Ryan K Dentistry

Dental crowns also have many cosmetic dentistry applications such as repair teeth that are discoloured, cracked, chipped, crooked, stained, unevenly spaced, and more. Although dental veneers can also be considered as a treatment option, many patients choose dental crowns because they encase the entire tooth whereas a dental veneer only covers the front portion of the tooth. When deciding between the two options, Dr. Kilistoff will design a treatment plan that is best suited for the teeth that will be receiving the crowns or veneers since placement within the mouth does play into the decision.

Consider a Segmented Approach to Your Smile Correction

If you need a dental crown near you for restorative purposes, it’s suggested that you have the procedure sooner rather than later to avoid the risk of additional tooth damage. If, however, you’re considering a dental crown in Vernon for cosmetic reasons, Dr. Kilistoff and team can design a segmented treatment plan to include dental crowns and any other type of cosmetic dentistry you’re interested in such a teeth whitening. These procedures must be performed in the proper order to make the best use of each one.

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